• Process all unemployment claims for benefits and take exception to claims of questionable merit.
  • Respond to the state timely and effectively on all unemployment issue claims by formulating detailed separation responses utilizing our expertise of the law.  This accomplishes local office denials, placing the burden of appeal on the claimant.
  • Timely follow up with our accounts for additional information needed by the Employment Department.
  • Represent in hearings where benefit liability is affected.  All unemployment hearings are accomplished in house for your account.
  • Review all local office decisions for appeal if applicable.
  • Respond to the appeals board when necessary.
  • Issue services letters on local office, hearings and appeals board decisions, including a copy of the actual decision(s).  Our services letters are issued immediately after the appeal period has expired.
  • Review and record past and present payroll reports, tax rate notices and benefit charge statements.
  • Review annual tax rate notices for accuracy.
  • Review voluntarily contributions.
  • Audit benefit charge statements and protest questionable and/or erroneous charges.
  • Issue detailed quarterly claims activity and summary reports.  This detail creates the source for management or board special reports depicting the reasons the account is paying or being relieved of unemployment benefit payments.
  • Inform interested personnel of account activity through telephone communications and services letters.
  • Review accomplishments periodically.