Voluntary Quit

Good cause for voluntarily leaving work is such that a reasonable and prudent person of normal sensitivity, exercising ordinary common sense, would leave work

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.  The reason must be of such gravity that the claimant has no reasonable alternative but to leave work.  The burden is on the claimant to show that they had good cause to quit.

Good Cause examples may include:

  • Other employment
  • Moving with a spouse or domestic partner
  • A reduction in pay or hours
  • Moving due to domestic violence

Not Good Cause examples may include:

  • Leaving suitable work to seek other work
  • Allowing union membership to lapse
  • Refusing to join a bona fide labor organization when membership therein was a condition of employment
  • Leaving to attend school, unless required by law
  • Failure to maintain a license or certification
  • Leaving work to avoid what would otherwise be a discharge for misconduct
  • Leaving work to become self employed